Dr Jonathan Bright

jonathan_brightJonathan Bright is a political scientist specialising in computational and ‘big data’ approaches to the social sciences. His major interest concerns studying how people get information about the political process, and how this is changing in the internet era. He is currently working on the role of social media in the diffusion of political news and information; the extent to which information seeking behaviour on Google and Wikipedia can be used to predict electoral outcomes; and the possibility of creating large scale transnational publics at the European level.

Twitter: @jonmbright

Dr Scott Hale

scott_haleScott A. Hale is a Data Scientist at the OII. He develops and applies techniques from computer science to research questions in the social sciences. He is particularly interested in the area of human-computer interaction and the spread of information between speakers of different languages online and the roles of bilingual Internet users. He is also interested in collective action and politics more generally. Scott manages the Oxford Experimental Laboratory (OxLab), which runs economic and political science laboratory and field experiments to investigate the effect of different information environments on collective action and the impact of different types of government provision on citizens’ information seeking behaviour.

Twitter: @computermacgyve

Dr Graham McNeill

graham_mcneillGraham McNeill is a researcher at the OII. He is interested in network science, visualization and machine learning. Specific interests include estimating network properties from data and visualizing geospatial and temporal networks. Graham has an undergraduate degree in mathematics from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and postgraduate degrees from the University of Edinburgh. His doctoral research focused on probabilistic approaches to shape analysis. Following this, he worked on content-based video retrieval at the University of Bath. Graham has also worked as a catastrophe risk analyst in the insurance industry and as a teacher.