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A simple trick for drawing pseudo-geographical networks

Not all networks have geographic information (e.g., friendship networks, hyperlink networks, etc.). However, for networks that do have geographic data (such as networks of commuting or migration), geography can be a powerful way to position the nodes in a visualization. Geographic position allows viewers to interpret the network in a geographical context and also, enables… Read More »

Visualizing network data

Released in 2012, the sigma.js plugin for Gephi allows for the interactive display of network data in a web browser using open-source technologies, principally sigma.js. The HTML framework and Gephi plugin were a collaborative effort by Scott A. Hale, Joshua Melville, and Kunika Kono at the Oxford Internet Institute as part of a small summer… Read More »

Social and Open Data Sources and Visualisation Methods for Urban Decision Making

One of the deliverables from the UrbanData2Decide project has just been published on the project website. It’s a report on social and open data sources and visualisation methods for urban decision makers, and was jointly authored by ourselves at the OII, SYNYO and the ODI. The main aim was to gather existing knowledge on what data… Read More »

Smart cities and collaborative mapping tools

The UrbanData2Decide project has partly been about getting to know local government administrators and understanding more about the types of data related challenges they face when policymaking. One common refrain is that there simply isn’t enough information, and what there is goes out of date quite quickly. Hence decisions have to be made on common… Read More »